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Welcome to Hard Rock Construction, LLC

When the job is tough, from extreme working conditions to tight deadlines, government and industry leaders know they can depend on Hard Rock to deliver. Hard Rock Construction has become synonymous with tough! From precarious work sites, to extreme working conditions, Hard Rock has earned a reputation as the go-to guys. Expertise includes multiple construction and civil tasks such as paving, grading, earth work and water, sewer and drainage replacement and connections, demolition, repair, and debris removal.

Located in Southeast Louisiana, Hard Rock is a heavy construction company with an unparalleled reputation for superior service, efficiency and safety with extensive experience in earthwork and paving, as well as utility work. Established in 1989, Hard Rock has grown to employee over 120 people and has solid relationships with subcontractors and suppliers including skilled craftsmen and trucking companies available as needed. Additionally, Hard Rock has multiple longstanding local and regional business alliances that allow for the successful delivery of projects to the highest quality, speed and safety standards attainable.

Hard Rock clients range from The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD), The Port of New Orleans and parishes and municipalities across the Southeast including Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, St. Tammany and Plaquemines, to commercial power houses like Home Depot. Whether it’s a major highway or a massive parking lot, industry leaders know they can count on Hard Rock to deliver on time and when possible, under budget. From contract start up to close-out, the Rock stands ready to tackle any obstacle to get the job done, and done right!

Leading the Way

Hard Rock Construction has also been leading the way in Disaster Recovery for over 20 years. From the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast, when communities are in need, Hard Rock Construction provides experienced guidance and quick execution, before, during and after major disasters like Hurricanes and floods. Our battle-tested staff has overseen millions in recovery dollars and assisted communities in maximizing their FEMA reimbursements with excellent knowledge of mitigation and recovery issues based on extensive experience with storms from Hurricanes Fran to Katrina.


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